Optimize your calf feeding with Vasikka-Master®




Calf-Master calf feeding machine monitors calfs as individuals. Each calf is listed on screen either with e-tag number or by collar number. Arrangement of these listed calfs can be changed based on different parameters. This makes monitoring of your calfs easy.


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Milk consumption

In Calf-Master you serve milk to calves based on this feeding program. Farmer can also desing special feeding program for each calf or group. When using feeding program its easy to save money on milk/powder expences. Also weaning from milkdrink its lot easier.

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Easy weaning

When Calf-Master decreases milkdrink consumption in feeding program calfs can learn naturally to eat concentrated feed.

Eating concentrated feed is critical phase on calfs life because this helps calfs development to ruminant.

When serving milkdrink freely without any feeding program it normally causes problems in this last period of milkfeeding.


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Low mortality rate

When you use Calf-Master for monitoring your calves it gives you chance to notice any problems as soon as possible.

When using Calf-Master you can also benefit from acified milk program and its good features.

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Easy cleaning for your calf pens

When using Calf-Master and special feeding program you can keep your calf pens significantly cleaner. When using restricted feeding program you can make shure your calfs dont drink too much of milkdrink which dont absorb in calfs body and just comes straigt trough as diarrea and urine.


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